The Blueprint of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Motivation

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Before talking about the ways and motivation that Arnold Schwarzenegger had in his mind to become what he is today, you should learn first something about his life before he became famous. Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in a small town called Thal in Austria in the year 1947. His father was the Police Chief named Gustav Schwarzenegger and her mother was a simple housewife named Aurelia. Arnold’s father Gustav spends his life serving the army that made him very strict especially on Arnold.

Gustav’s dream for Arnold is to enter the army just like what he did although her mother wanted him to attend trade school in order to change his life. Gustav had an elder son named Meinhard and he was his favorite son over Arnold. But this did not affect Arnold in any way; he stayed close to her mother all the time who really loves him.

In 1971, his older brother died in a car accident and his brother left her fiance and a baby boy named Patrick. After a year, his father also died due to stroke although Arnold did not attend his father funeral because he was in training for another competition. Generally, the life of this Austrian boy was never easy, but it never broke him. Instead, he used that to achieve his goals and dreams in life.

The hardship that Arnold experienced in his childhood days made him a very strong and well-motivated person. Arnold’s love for his mother and his brother’s son Patrick gave him the strength to move on in order to support his family in Austria. At the very young age of 14, Arnold lift his very first barbell when his soccer coach brought the whole team in a local gym. At that moment, Arnold decided to leave soccer to pursue another career which was bodybuilding.


The Body Building Life of Arnold

His bodybuilding career began at the age of 15, and that time Arnold’s body was slim but strong because of his father’s influence in sports. Arnold’s determination and motivation to give his family a new life was the fuel that he use to fulfill his dream, and that is to go to America in which he called as the land of opportunities. At the age of 17, he officially started his bodybuilding career and went on to join different bodybuilding competitions.

In the year 1961, Arnold Schwarzenegger met Mr. Austria and Olympic lifter Kart Manrul. Arnold was invited by Kart to train on his gym that is situated in Graz. It served as the stepping stone for Arnold in order to make his lifelong dream come true. Arnold Schwarzenegger was very dedicated in bodybuilding that he frequently broke in the gym every weekend when it was closed.

His obsession to train and build his muscles was very strong that made him on what he is today. In 1965, Arnold served the Austrian Army in order to fulfill one year service required by the Austrian Army. He was only 18 years of age at that time. During his one year in the army, Arnold won the Mr. Europe a junior bodybuilding contest.

In order to attend the basic training for the said competition, Arnold left the army. Later, he served one week in prison for his action that he was just really obsessed to win every contest just to make his American dream come true. His success in bodybuilding completion continued, and Arnold was voted as Europe’s best build body, and this made him very famous. In his first attempt to win the Mr. Universe competition that was held in London, he came in second place because he did not have the muscle that the winner had.

In Arnold’s quest to win, the Mr. Universe he met Charles Bennett who was one of the judges in the 1966 competition in which Arnold joined. Bennett offered Arnold to be his coach, and he was invited to stay in a small house that Bennett owned in one of his gym in London. In his stay in London, Arnold had plenty of time to practice his English that later improved his English language. The training that Bennett gave to Arnold paid off when at the very young age of 20 Arnold won the Mr. Universe title. This was just the beginning of his success when he again won the same contest 3 times on his Olympic lifting career.

Arnold’s Road to Success to America

In September 1968, Arnold’s dream to come to America since he was 10 years old became a reality. At the age of 21, he continued his bodybuilding career and train at Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles under Joe Weider. At the age of 23, Arnold captured the title of Mr. Olympia in the city of New York. It was his first but definitely not his last as he won the same title 7 times on his bodybuilding career in the US. His world famous figure, accent and character made him become a successful bodybuilding icon, businessmen, actor and entrepreneur. Also, Arnold became an inspiration to many people who loved bodybuilding and shares the same dream that Arnold had when he was just 10 years old.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie career began in the year 1968 although his big break at the big picture began on 1976 in a comedy movie entitled “Stay Hungry”. Since then, his movie and showbiz career began to grow and made different movies that American people loved and appreciated. Arnold’s movie career started in 1968 and stopped in 2003 when he ran in the 2003 election as the governor of California and became the 38th governor of the state. His inspiration, dedication and motivation were the main foundation that led him to his success.

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